golden retriever

Did you know that the following things found in or around your home can be hazardous to your pet?

Food Items

Alcoholic beverages Avacados
Coffee Garlic
Onions and Onion Powder Grapes and Raisins
Raw yeast dough Macadamia nuts
Moldy or spoiled food Salt
Fatty foods Chocolate

Household Items

Ibuprofen and aspirin Acetaminophen
Cold and flu medications Vitamins
Bleach Fabric softener
Mothballs Liquid potpourri
Detergents Tobacco products


Aloe Bird of Paradise
Calla Lily Clematis
Daffodil Dieffenbachia
Easter Lily Eucalyptus
Ferns Honeysuckle
Hyacinth Iris
Philodendron Privet
Sago Palm Tulip
Wisteria Yucca

Outside The Home

Algae (certain forms can be toxic)
Compost (particularly if moldy)

Holiday Hazards

Easter grass – This colorful “grass” may look appetizing to your pets, but it could cause them to choke or obstruct their intestines if ingested.

Fireworks – Fireworks can scare your pets and make them run off or cause serious injuries if detonated near them. Many formulations are also toxic if ingested.

Halloween candy or gum sweetened with xylitol is toxic and should be kept away from your pet.

Chocolate in all forms can be harmful to your pet, potentially resulting in poisoning or even pancreatic inflammation from the high fat content.

Turkey bones – Turkey, chicken, and other small animal bones are very different from the large bones you find at pet stores. These small bones splinter easily and can cause serious internal damage if swallowed, so NEVER give them to your pet.

Christmas rose, holly, lilies and Mistletoe are all toxic to dogs and cats.

Bubbling lights – Older forms of this attractive decoration may containe methylene chloride, which is a highly toxic chemical.