Your pet’s health is our highest priority, and we strive to provide excellence in all we do, enabled, in part, by the following AACH on-site services:

  • Surgery / Laser Surgery
    Lasers have been used successfully on humans for over 30 years. This human experience is proving to be beneficial to pets, as well. We are pleased to be among the first veterinary practices to offer laser surgery specifically for pets.

    Laser surgery can be used for a wide variety of surgical procedures and causes less pain, less bleeding and less swelling than traditional surgery because it seals nerve endings and blood vessels as it moves through tissue. It sterilizes as it removes diseased tissue, killing bacteria that cause infection and minimizes adverse effects to surrounding tissue that is healthy. This means less trauma, less pain, improved recovery and often shortened hospital stays for your pet!

  • Hospitalization
    We are a state-of-the art hospital offering on-site laboratory diagnostics, x-ray and contrast studies, heart evaluations, EKG, blood pressure and heart monitoring.
  • Diagnostics
    AACH has an in-house laboratory. Dr. Pederson routinely performs C-B-C, chemistry panels, urinalysis, heartworm tests, feline leukemia tests, and fecal analysis to more accurately diagnose and treat your pet.
  • Dentistry
    Because dental disease can cause health problems with the heart, kidneys and other organs, having your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly is essential to good health. At AACH, we use state-of-the-art dental equipment, as well as safe anesthetic procedures, to ensure that your pet receives the proper dental care. We can also recommend a dental health care regimen that may include brushing your pet’s teeth or feeding specially formulated food to help combat plaque and tartar build-up. If you think your pet has a dental problem, we welcome you to make an appointment today.
  • In-House Pharmacy
    For your convenience, AACH has a complete pharmacy on-site. This is a service many clients appreciate for convenience and time efficiency regarding your pet’s treatment.
  • Vaccinations
    Vaccinations are an important part of your pet’s preventive health care. Many factors are taken into consideration when establishing a pet’s vaccination plan. Dr. Pederson will tailor a program of vaccinations to help your pet maintain a lifetime of infectious disease protection.
  • Microchipping
    It only takes a second . . . . an open door or unlatched gate, and, ZOOM, your pet is missing! An estimated 12 million companion animals disappear every year. To help prevent your dog or cat from adding to this statistic, ask Dr. Pederson about getting a permanent I.D. chip for your pet. It’s an easy way to give you peace of mind while helping to keep your pet safe.
  • Grooming
    We offer professional grooming services, including bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and coat-thinning for long-haired pets. Proper grooming will not only help reduce pet odors, it will also minimize the risk of bacterial skin infections.
  • Boarding
    Whether your pets need to stay with us for medical observation or you’re simply going out of town, AACH has boarding facilities to keep them safe and comfortable. We encourage you to bring any “creature comforts” your pet enjoys at home, such as a favorite toy, blanket or bed. Our friendly staff is here to make your pet feel welcome and happy during their stay.
  • Nutritional Counseling
    Did you know that many skin problems can be avoided if your dog or cat is fed a good diet? The first ingredient listed on your pet’s food label should be meat, such as chicken, lamb, poultry, beef or fish; if it’s corn, don’t use it! Meat-based pet foods are far superior in nutritional content than grain-based pet foods. If your dog or cat seems to lack good coat and skin health, Dr. Pederson will be happy to recommend a better pet food.
  • Final Care
    People who lose a pet companion deserve the highest level of service, care, and compassion. Our veterinarian professionals, with the help of Craig Road Pet Cemetery, will show the greatest respect and provide the final care that your devoted pet deserves.

    We understand the profound sense of loss that a person feels when their pet dies. We make every effort to ensure that the final care process is less stressful at this time of sorrow.